Warrior Wisdom


It’s All Here, Waiting for You

So you’ve done all the self-inquiry, self-investigation. You’ve listened to all these internal voices. You’ve journaled. You’ve gone through so many different yoga meditation practices, workshops, seminars. You have all this internal wisdom. Now what? For me, I knew I needed people and resources around me to help me understand what do I do now? […]

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Broken Open

It’s a spiritual journey, not an intellectual journey. That was an epiphany I had October 3, 2004. The morning my mom passed away suddenly of a massive heart attack. I was on maternity leave with a 10-week old daughter, and my mother had been complaining of some chest pain and shoulder pain a couple of […]

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It’s Time

When I thought about the notion of sharing my thoughts in a blog, I was so scared. I’m not somebody who has these big expansive thoughts in written word.  Don’t get me wrong, I can have deep, meaningful, big conversations in person, but to express myself in writing? That’s feels weird. But wait! What about […]

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