Capitalize on your Greatest Strengths

I love to work with smart, savvy and sincere leaders and progressive companies who are ready to ascend to the next level.

As a world-class Executive Coach with 25+ years of experience I’ve helped countless professionals assess and expand their capabilities, as well as understand their impact and relationship to others. Additionally, I work with organizations across the globe seeking to transform their management style and their entire culture.

Above all, I’m a professional truth teller – known for being contemplative, compassionately confrontational, plainspoken, direct and a lot of fun. Those who work with me become more focused, productive, compassionate and resilient.

To achieve these outcomes, I bring in-depth experience in executive performance, leadership presence, relationship building, project management, process improvement and team empowerment.

Are you ready to unleash your Warrior Magic as a leader and/or become a company full of Warriors? Let’s work together.


Jeanie Coomber,
Certified Executive Coach

“My coaching is designed for forward thinkers and visionary leaders who value growth and consider development of people to be crucial to the evolution of their business.”

– Jeanie Coomber

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