Welcome to the Warrior
Journey’s Inquiry Center

The Investigation of You

Whether it’s an event, feeling you have, a dream that keeps coming up or a comment that triggered you, something inside you has been awakened.

Maybe it’s an aspect of yourself you’ve never given voice to before. Maybe it’s your unconscious simply becoming conscious. Whatever it is, one thing is clear:

It wants to be known.

Welcome it into your mind and body, and step into inquiry to begin your investigation.

“Fate whispers to the warrior, you cannot withstand the storm, and the warrior whispers back, I am the storm.”

– Unknown

Key Inquiry Starter Questions

What is stirring inside me?

What is my essence?

What am I here to offer the world?

Jeanie Recommends:
Inquiry Resources


Look into your own guidance system, tune into your awareness and gain mental clarity through meditation. I began my own journey with Buddhist teacher and clinical psychologist Tara Brach’s free online meditations and found so many answers to my life questions!

I also recommend the popular app Headspace. You can start with a free trial.

Warrior Wisdom Blog


This post is essential reading for anyone starting the process of inquiry.

Healing and Self Study

Unpack the energy within the body and learn how it can be transformed into a positive impact on family members, teammates and clients. Tune in to my Warriors At Work conversation, Understanding Energy and its Impact on Leadership with Nina Crist, Co-Director of the Jaguar Path.


I love sharing the books that support me anytime I am in the process of inquiry. Here are three of my favorites:

Meditation in a New York Minute by Mark Thornton

Speed Dial the Universe Journal by Jeanna Gabellini

Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss

Warriors at Work Episodes

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many individuals offering guidance for inquiry and I’m thrilled to make space for these life-changing conversations. Here’s a must-listen inquiry-focused episode list to get you started:

The Warrior Journey: Using Inquiry and Intuition to Drive Innovation

Mindful Living, Marijo Pulio

Permission to Pause, Naketa Thigpin

Retreat Back to Yourself, Brie Doyle

Exploring Your Dark Side, Brie Doyle

Discover Your Dharma, Liza Bertini

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What Happens After Inquiry?


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