The art of coaching

A good coach can help you think and behave with clarity, conviction and connection. A good coach can help you to achieve better results, have stronger relationships and a more balanced life. A coach is doing her job when she is compassionate yet confrontational, reinforces positive behaviors and addresses negative patterns head on. This style of coaching is mirrored in Jeanie’s practice.

Meet Jeanie

I’m a professional truth teller. I help leaders find and capitalize on their greatest strengths.

I’ve coached a number of progressive thinkers and leaders rich with entrepreneurial spirit, transforming their management style and organizations in whole. I am who leaders turn to when they want to gain more clarity, connection and conviction.

With over 25 years of business experience, I have coached in areas of executive performance, project management, process improvement, relationship building and team empowerment. As a credentialed and highly skilled career management coach, I have facilitated leadership and executive coaching with companies large and small around the globe.

I help leaders gain a centeredness view of their capabilities and create a space to understand their impact and relation to others. Leaders who work with me become more focused, productive, compassionate and resilient.


years experience coaching global companies large and small and 25 years of business experience


dynamic and motivational speaker available for keynotes and other public events


words that embody the Jeanie Coomber method of coaching: clarity, conviction, connection

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