Jeanie Coomber

The Warrior igniter

Jeanie Coomber earned her Warrior stripes through her own journey of stirring her intellect and evoking her soul, and she is still as relentless today about her personal growth as she was when she began her entrepreneurial journey.

Prior to becoming a leader in creating thought-provoking media and content in support of working professionals, she spent decades as a world-class executive coach, helping smart, savvy and sincere leaders ascend to the next level and become warriors themselves.

Whether she is interviewing a CEO or a subject matter expert, speaking at a conference, facilitating panel discussions or coaching executives, she is known for being contemplative, captivating and direct.

Even more, it’s Jeanie’s ability to unearth valuable insights from her guests that allows her audiences to connect with boundless choices, freedom, happiness and courage in their careers and lives.

Above all, Jeanie’s mission is to unleash the greater consciousness and joy that’s only possible through the act of stirring and releasing your inner wisdom and become the master of your own life.

Jeanie’s ultimate vision is to create a band of warriors in the workplace who are ready to go from the predictable to the potent.

As part of achieving this vision, Jeanie launched the Warriors at Work podcast and show.

Jeanie has been recognized by NJ Biz as one of the Best 50 Women in Business and holds certifications from Corporate Coach U, The International Coaching Federation, The NeuroLeadership Institute and is a graduate of Columbia University Business School’s Personal Leadership program.

With over 25 years of business experience, Jeanie is an expert in the areas of executive performance, project management, process improvement, relationship building and team empowerment and has coached countless individuals across the globe on how to make significant leaps forward in their careers and lives.

A sought-after speaker, Jeanie loves sharing the story of her personal Warrior Journey and nothing thrills her more than showing others how to Ignite Warrior within.


“Jeanie Coomber is a consummate professional, phenomenal host and fantastic at creating a safe, engaging space for the interviewee and audience. Fueled by her endless and humble curiosity, Jeanie leverages her coaching skills and pulls from the depths of her personal and professional experiences in a way that makes you forget you’re being recorded! Jeanie tops my list of professional interviewers and hosts, and she should be at the top of your list too”

–Naketa R. Thigpen,
CEO, ThigPro Balance and Relationship Management Institute

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