Welcome to Your Warrior Journey

The Warrior Journey is the path from predictable to the potent – and it’s your roadmap for unleashing your Warrior Magic.

Quite simply, it’s a process comprised of three stages – INQUIRY-EXPAND-ACTIVATE – and you begin the journey anytime you find yourself sitting with big questions about yourself, your work and/or your life.

Sometimes it’s a linear journey. Sometimes it’s not.

In fact, around anything you’re pondering, you might find yourself starting at INQUIRY, moving to EXPAND and then going back to INQUIRY. Or, there might be something you’ve been working toward for a long time and you start the process ready for action, at ACTIVATE.

Whatever your Warrior Journey ends up looking like each time you take it, it can be helpful to pick one BIG question that’s been on your mind and follow the path in order the first time through.

So, let’s go – pick your starting place below …

Ready for your own Warrior Journey?


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