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It’s Time

When I thought about the notion of sharing my thoughts in a blog, I was so scared. I’m not somebody who has these big expansive thoughts in written word.  Don’t get me wrong, I can have deep, meaningful, big conversations in person, but to express myself in writing? That’s feels weird.

But wait! What about all the journaling I have done for the better part of 12 years? In my journals, I’m so big with thoughts, words, feelings and emotion. Just bring it here Jeanie! Why am I telling you this? Well, I finally get it.

I see what’s possible when you share yourself with others. I am ready to really share. Not the cliché kind of share. I am talking about the deep, uncomfortable at times, messy, transformative kind. You know what I mean. It’s that inner voice that’s been nagging you to step onto a bigger stage. Well, here am. Right next to you. It’s a different altitude then the one we were at before.  Breathing is a bit more challenging up here but only at first. Don’t worry, it gets a bit easier as time passes. We are all feeling our way through our new  surroundings and are finding our flow. It’s time. I am ready to do things that I wasn’t willing to do before. Are you?

I have a lot more to offer. A lot more within me. I can help more people than I ever imagined. The Warrior Journey is not another product or service offering. It is an extension of my life experience. This is a place where you will feel seen, heard, supported, pushed, encouraged, motivated and inspired. I have been a working warrior for over 25 years, and I know who you are. I see you for your excellence. My goal is to be conduit for the warriors in the workplace.  Let’s create a community of Warriors at Work who have stories, insights and wisdom to offer of their life inside and outside the office. Life is hard. Life is beautiful and its more potent when we do it together. The time is now.

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latest podcasts, shows, posts and more.