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It’s All Here, Waiting for You

So you’ve done all the self-inquiry, self-investigation. You’ve listened to all these internal voices. You’ve journaled. You’ve gone through so many different yoga meditation practices, workshops, seminars. You have all this internal wisdom. Now what?

For me, I knew I needed people and resources around me to help me understand what do I do now? Enter shamans, healers, Reiki masters, psychics (more than one, by the way) and dozens of self-help books (no that is not a typo)

I had this really dynamic plan in my head of how I was to bring forth this power but there was one problem. I didn’t have a network or a tribe of people around me to help me bring this forward. I saw that I needed to really understand what this would look like if I was bringing my best self-back into the world with my elevated consciousness. Even with all of the spiritual expertise and business expertise I had acquired, I still felt a bit unsure of myself. I knew I was in the driver seat but had only a driver’s permit! It was up to me to create something. As a good networker and relationship person, I needed more and I needed to strengthen my circle.

My internal voice said “ transformation”. Got it! I started with experts who were skilled in transformation. I lunched, I dinnered, I cocktailed, I coffeed, I did calls, yoga classes, meditation circles, coaching circles. This is the A type doer Jeanie in full swing. I asked for wisdom at every turn. One of the key things that I did through that process was recognize how important expansion is. It is not an event or a one-time thing. If you think about your own life and your own evolution, you’re constantly expanding. For me, a practice that I built very early on was this notion of all always putting space in my calendar to be with people who were outside of my domain. Maybe they’re not people that I was coaching or having a business relationship with but they were people that were introduced to me as thought leaders or interesting people in the world. They had stories to tell. They had advice and counsel and support to offer. And, so did I. Reciprocity was crucial.

I needed to hear different stories and different points of view so that I could see the power of not being one-dimensional. The more wisdom and clarity I received from other people, the more informed I felt. I just kept telling myself I didn’t have to take in what they were offering, I had freedom to do what I wanted but what I knew for sure was that the different perspectives enhanced my experiences. Maybe it was as small shift. A new word. A new thought. A behavioral shift. Whatever it was, it was causing some kind of expansion within me.

I focused on my mind and body strength too. The more I would quiet down, the more wisdom I would receive. Which is funny because the old me thought being quiet was a time waster. I thought that if I slowed down, I would lose my edge, my momentum. But in reality, the more I was slowing down, the smarter I was becoming. I had a sharper sense of what was the right path and what was the wrong path. I also started to wonder what was a good decision, what was a bad decision? Who were the people I wanted to be around? Who were the people I wanted to let go from my life?

And then, mentors showed up. Experts in every direction. Odd to say but this was a new concept to me. I’m not someone who asks for help yet here I am, asking for help. Here are my people. Many of those people are still very much present in my life. This circle of warriors offered their spirit, their wisdom and sometimes their shoulder to cry on. They helped me to expand my capacity as a seeker.

So I ask you, do you know what you want to do with all of the wisdom you’ve gained through your self-inquiry and self-study? Do you know what support you need? Do you believe that getting in dialogue and conversation with other people will help you to know more? Your Band of Warriors is here; we have been waiting for you.

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