Within each of us lives a


It’s filled with wisdom, creativity and clarity, but yet there’s an equal force that holds us back. But you already have what you need to break through.

It’s called Warrior Magic,
and you’re about to meet yours.


Sometimes the roles and labels we take on encourage us to stay predictable and safe. We become so busy producing, executing and driving in service of them, that we lose “the plot” of our own story.

WARRIOR MAGIC is for those who are ready to go from predictable to POTENT.

We are building a bold, compassionate, enlightened, dauntless, adventurous, powerful and tenacious community of resources and people.

We are here to give you inspiration with an edge – inside and outside the office.

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What’s Warrior Magic?

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Warriors at Work Show

Join Jeanie Coomber and her band of seasoned Warriors as they gain insight, tell stories and share wisdom. Every week Jeanie interviews special guests who’ve had a powerful impact through their careers and lives.

Get ready to be enlightened and inspired with every episode.

Ready for your own Warrior Journey?


Jeanie was instrumental in Chief’s launch. She was able to help guide the creation of the Chief experience and what makes Chief extraordinary. Jeanie’s expertise, wisdom and ability to be compassionately confrontational facilitated the core group experience and she continues to be a key part of our brand’s success.

- Lindsay Kaplan,

Co-Founder, Chief

Jeanie is inspiring! She has a “spidey sense” for people and business, and the insights I've gained from her have helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. I also have a better understanding of the individuals I interact with and how to navigate challenging situations.

- John R. Harter, P.E.,

Principal, Atlantic Traffic & Design Engineering, LLC

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeanie in both a corporate leadership setting and a more intimate setting. Jeanie is very skilled at digesting a significant amount of information about an organization or individual very quickly. She has the ability to cut through the noise to deliver real-time advice and value. She is flawless at navigating a global environment with varied products and personalities and investing herself in you and your business success.

- Lauren Jensen,

Vice President, Strategy for Enabling Solutions U. S. Businesses, Prudential Financial

Jeanie has deep expertise in the art of facilitation and knows how to engage her audiences so that they can develop rich, actionable insights that are immediately applicable. She always conveys a powerful message and her ability to read the room and gauge her own effectiveness to adjust as she goes is second to none. In short, she has an amazing ability to challenge people to be their best and support them in their efforts to reach their fullest potential.

- Maryanne Spatola,

Founder, C3 Talent Strategies

Thank you Jeanie for giving women the platform to share their passions on your podcast! Your dynamic personality and warmth, not to mention your gift of being a great listener, allows your guests to be their authentic selves. May you continue to be an important piece of the movement for women to embrace one another and lift each other up to help nurture all that we can be! Much gratitude!

- Michele Gannon,

Co-Founder, Mary's Place by the Sea

There are only a handful of life defining moments that I can claim as an adult, and partnering with Jeanie through executive coaching was an absolute game changer. I was at an inflection point that was critical, and she helped me back away from the sun to get clarity on how to start making changes that would get me closer to where I wanted to be as an employee and as a colleague ... and now as an entrepreneur. She's more than a coach, she's a complete support system. A thoughtful advisory, an intellectual thought partner, and a divine energy. I couldn't gush enough, but I do try to bring her up as a major part of my story so that other people know that they are not alone in their life journey and there are people like Jeanie to make it better.

- Terri Rockovich,

CEO, Think Jinx

Jeanie provided me the right insight I needed at a critical time in my career development. Her guidance helped me identify and prioritize areas I would need to work on in order to grow my leadership skills. Jeanie also introduced me to techniques that have greatly improved my communication and ability to be present. Since then, my supervisors' have told me that they've seen significant improvements in the areas I was working on.

- Conor Lawless,

Vice President Strategic Initiatives, Prudential

Jeanie Coomber is a consummate professional, phenomenal host and fantastic at creating a safe, engaging space for the interviewee and audience. Fueled by her endless and humble curiosity, Jeanie leverages her coaching skills and pulls from the depths of her personal and professional experiences in a way that makes you forget you’re being recorded! Jeanie tops my list of professional interviewers and hosts, and she should be at the top of your list too

– Naketa R. Thigpen,

CEO, ThigPro Balance and Relationship Management Institute

Jeanie’s presentation was a fantastic addition to our annual company meeting. With nearly 100 people in the room, Jeanie skillfully provided personalized instruction and feedback – leaving everyone with key takeaways to improve their communication skills. We received raving feedback from our employees – each with different highlights from the session!

– Amie Hibbons,

COO, LevelUP

Jeanie was our keynote speaker for Prudential’s Women Empowered Business Resource Group‘s annual event this year. In a word, it was – AMAZING! Even though it was a virtual event, we had 750 participants and audience engagement was off the charts! Jeanie is so real and compelling and practical in her coaching and guidance – everyone left that session better than they arrived! One associate said, “I intended to multi-task throughout the event, but once Jeanie started talking, I was taking notes and listening to every word.“ In addition to nailing the session, Jeanie is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

– Kelly McGuire,

Director, Prudential

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Don't miss a single moment of the Warrior Experience.

Join our list and stay up to date on Jeanie’s
latest podcasts, shows, posts and more.