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Welcome all Warriors in Training!

I, along with the rest of the business community, have a responsibility to help you to build your skills and readiness in the absence of internships and job opportunities. Driven by Warrior Magic, we launched the Warriors in Training platform to provide Generation Z access to the guidance, wisdom, and strategies needed to become a leader in the workplace from those who have experienced the business world first-hand.

In return, we in the business community need your help. We want your generation’s resourcefulness, innovative thinking, and comfortability with change. The world of work is changing rapidly and we need to be in partnership with each other to move beyond our current state.

It’s time we create powerful conversations that help to bridge the gap between young professionals and the business community. Together, we will build a bold, enlightened, and powerful movement of Warriors that activate and elevate each other inside and outside of the workplace.

Let’s create a community where we can offer up our wisdom and you can offer up yours.

Follow Warriors in Training (@wit.warriormagic) on Instagram and join us LIVE every Friday at 10am for weekly tips and strategies to become a Warrior in the workplace.

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