Clarity. Conviction. Connection.

The methodology behind all the services offered, standing for excellence and transformation in all leadership coaching. My coaching is designed for forward thinkers and visionary leaders who value growth and consider development of people to be crucial to the evolution of the business.

Workshops & Skill Building Programs

I am happy to design a customized workshop or training for your organization’s specific needs, including topics such as: Leadership 101, Executive Presence, Communicating with Confidence, EQ, Influence, Strategic Thinking & Agility.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Whether you are new to managing or are a seasoned leader, I believe that before we are able to manage others, we need to manage ourselves. We do this when we are in balance with our emotions, goals and vision.

Speaking & Facilitation

I’ve been speaking, moderating and facilitating discussion for over 25 years. My expertise lays in Executive and Leadership Coaching, Inspirational Leadership, Mentoring, Team Building and Communication and Rapport Building.

JC Services

Over the years, I have developed and delivered highly acclaimed, practical leadership programs to organizations around the globe.


Executive Presence

Executive Presence is the ability to build powerful relationships, credibility and trust by virtue of how you “show up.” This coaching session provides a model, tools, and strategies to immediately enhance your Executive Presence; to be heard and seen as a more credible, confident, and effective leader.


Building Powerful Relationships

In today’s global business world, and as Jean Otte, Founder of WOMEN Unlimited often says, It’s not what you know but who knows you know.” In this session, you will learn proven strategies for finding and effectively building strategic alliances at all levels inside and outside your organization.


Communicating with Confidence

Confidence is critical to success. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. In this fast-paced and though provoking session, you’ll identify and practice key changes that will enable you to be more compelling and confident – particularly when the stakes are high.


Leading with EQ

Strong leaders focus on building trust by empowering, motivating and inspiring others. The most critical skill to create a higher level of awareness and empowerment across organizations — and differentiate outstanding performers — is EQ (emotional intelligence). In this session, we examine EQ through the lens of creating clarity, building connection and leveraging curiosity – all traits that high performing leaders and people possess.

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