One Woman Today Podcast

One Woman Today is a place where all working women come together to gain insight, tell stories, and share wisdom. We are inspiration with an edge and here to enlighten and inspire you. Join us as your host and guide Jeanie Coomber interviews special guests who have made powerful impact on their careers and life. Enjoy!

Episode 1


Experience podcast 1 of the One Woman Today Podcast Pilot Series. This episode features special guest Jean M. Otte, founder of WOMEN Unlimited Inc., speaking about her journey into entreprenuership and how her past shaped who she is today.

Episode 2


Experience podcast 2 of the One Woman Today Podcast. This episode features special guest Jennifer Crews, founder of Flock, speaking about decision fatigue and offering practical tips to help you manage your household!

Episode 3


Experience podcast 3 of the One Woman Today Podcast. This episode features special guest Mary Rower, a registered nurse and licensed clinical social worker, speaking about helping women get back to their vitality and create a balance of masculine and feminine energy.

Episode 4

“Finding Connections”

Experience podcast 4 of the One Woman Today Podcast. This episode features special guest Deb Hornell, Founder and President of Hornell Partners, Inc., speaking about having intention and living a full and satisfying life.

Episode 5

“Making a Career Transition Work For You!”

Experience podcast 5 of the One Woman Today Podcast. This episode features special guest Patricia Goodwin-Peters, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Atlas Air. speaking about her journey of what it was like being downsized and how she landed her dream job. This conversation is full of great ideas and insights and is applicable for anyone in a career shift or just thinking about one!

Episode 6

“What is Wellness?

Experience podcast 6 of the One Woman Today Podcast. This episode features special guest Dr. Sunita Mann is a board certified physician who practiced radiology for 13 years. While recovering from a life changing event, Dr. Mann’s journey brought her to the field of “Functional Medicine” also known as “root cause medicine”. It allows Dr. Mann to address her patients as a whole being by recognizing that chronic diseases may be similar but the course of action for each patient is different.

In this podcast, we talk about how to look at our health through a “wellness”
lens so that we can have a life full of energy and vitality.

Episode 7

“Taking Care of Yourself?

Experience podcast 7 of the One Woman Today Podcast. This episode features special guest Liza Bertini, a personal development health coach, yoga & mindful educator, and a leadership trainer. She is the current manager of R&R at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the largest yoga retreat in North America. For 15 years, she has been coaching, training, and creating experiences for individuals and professionals to have more mindful, meaningful lives.

In this podcast, we talk about different things to consider when examining our personal well being and tips on how we can all take care of ourselves for a long, healthy and mindful life.

Episode 8

“Turn Up Your Personal Brand

Experience podcast 8 of the One Woman Today Podcast. This episode features special guest Terri Trespicio, the co-founder of Lights Camera Expert, LLC, a media strategy education company, and creator of  Tapped to Speak, an online course to help you land your stand-out signature talk. Terri is an award-winning writer, speaker, and brand advisor who has appeared on the Today Show, Dr. Oz, The Early Show, The Martha Stewart Show, and The Anderson Cooper Show.

In this podcast, we talk about personal branding, the key ingredients for building your personal brand, and why it matters to the success of your career.

Episode 9

“How to Have a Vibrant Career

Experience podcast 9 of the One Woman Today Podcast. This episode features special guest Carey Albertine is the co-founder of In This Together Media while serving as a senior facilitator at Women Unlimited, coaching women from Fortune 500 companies on their transition from middle-managers to senior executives. Carey has twenty years of experience in
communications, strategy, storytelling, and leadership development.

In this podcast, we talk about having a vibrant career by connecting your core, and who you are as a person with key behaviors and strategies.

Episode 10

“Having More… Part 1

Experience podcast 10 of the One Woman Today podcast. This episode features special guest Naketa Thigpin who is a Relationship and Personal Development pioneer. Naketa has brought healing, balance and change to countless leaders and business owners and is regarded as the #1 Balance and Relationship Advisor in the world!

In this episode, we explore the idea of using pain and loss as a way to “Have More” in your life.

Episode 11

“Having More… Part 2

Experience podcast 11 of the One Woman Today podcast. This episode features our returning special guest Naketa Thigpin who shares with us practical and powerful ideas of how to have more “joy” in all aspects of your life!

Episode 12

“Having More… Part 3

Experience Podcast 12 with our returning guest Naketa Thigpin for our third and final podcast conversation on the subject of “Having More Joy”. In this podcast, we bring together all of Naketa’s tools and wisdom and apply it to  “real life” experiences. At the end of this conversation, listeners will know exactly how to “Have More Joy”! Perfect timing as we are wrapping up the year and are looking ahead to 2019.

Episode 13

Special Message from Jeanie


Episode 14

“From Breakup to Breakthrough” Featuring Pamela Elaine Nichols”

Join us for Podcast 14, where we talk with Pamela Elaine Nichols, Mother, Author and Resilience Coach for Men and Women emerging from the impact of divorce. In this conversation, Pamela offers fantastic advice for what to consider before you leave and support to those needing help after the relationship has ended.


Episode 15

“Increase Your Optimism” Featuring Maria Sirois [One Woman Today]

Experience Podcast 15, where we talk with our special guest Maria Sirois, inspirational speaker, consultant, author and Licensed Clinical Psychologist working in the field of wellness and positive psychology for over 20 years. Maria’s work focuses on the resilience of the human spirit and has helped leaders and teams around the world manage through situations of chronic stress, conflicting goals and failure.